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  • Protect Yourself Against the Flu

    shutterstock_347124329What is the Flu?

    Influenza virus, also known as the Flu, is a very contagious respiratory illness that is caused by flu viruses. However, don’t confuse the flu with the common cold. Although the symptoms of each can be quite similar, the flu is undoubtedly much worse. With the flu, symptoms come through abruptly in comparison. Those suffering from the flu are more likely to run a high fever for several days and have feelings of weakness, aches, and extreme fatigue.

    Misconceptions about the Flu Shot

    While the flu season typically occurs between the months of October to May, during the winter and early spring seasons, it is still possible to contract the flu virus during any other time of the year.

    At Adapt, our pharmacists recommend that you take precautions to protect you and your loved ones from the flu.

    Over the years, the flu shot has developed a negative stigma. You may commonly hear things like, “The flu shot makes me sick” or “I never get the flu shot and I’ve been fine.” These are common misconceptions.

    Numerous studies have actually shown that the flu vaccine does not actually cause people to get sick. However, there are reasons as to why people may acquire similar symptoms after receiving the flu shot:

    1. The flu vaccine is designed to only protect your body from symptoms of the flu. Thus, other infections or respiratory viruses may occur which the vaccine does not protect your body against.
    2. It takes approximately 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine for your body to learn what it looks like as it prepares your body to fight and be fully protected in the case of the flu.
    3. Based on studies conducted by research labs, the flu vaccine is designed to protect your body from only the most common strains of the Influenza virus. Therefore, you may still be exposed to other less common strains of the flu.

    Who Should Get The Flu Shot?

    Health Canada recommends the flu shot for anyone over the age of 6 months old. In addition, it is also highly recommended for individuals who:

    • Are pregnant
    • Are over the age of 65
    • Have heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease – including those with asthma
    • Have compromised immune systems
    • Live with or are a caretaker of a high-risk patient

    Why You Should Get The Flu Shot

    Are you still skeptical of getting your flu shot this fall? Here are a couple of reasons as to why you should consider getting the flu shot this year:

    The Flu Can Be Serious

    While the common cold only requires a few days of rest to recover from, the flu is much worse. If you have the flu, you are likely to experience high fevers/feverish chills, extreme fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, bad coughs, a runny nose, and a sore throat. All these symptoms can be prevented with a yearly flu shot. Simply getting vaccinated can greatly reduce the number of people suffering from the Influenza virus and decrease the number of hospitalizations, medical complications, and even deaths that occur each year.

    The Flu Shot Protects You and The People Around You

    Everyone has a different immune system. While you may have a stronger immune system and find yourself rarely getting sick, the same is not true for seniors, children, and others who suffer from weak immune systems. By not getting vaccinated, you are increasing your chances of not only getting the flu but also spreading it! Getting your annual flu shot protects you and the people around you.

    The Flu Vaccine Changes Every Year

    Did you know that each year new strains of the flu emerge? That’s why it is important to get vaccinated every year. Every year health experts and scientists work together to create new flu vaccines to prevent you from contracting newer strains of the flu. This means that old forms of the flu vaccine won’t be able to protect you from the virus. Thus, it is in your best interest to get vaccinated as each flu season approaches.

    It’s Hassle-Free!

    Getting your flu shot is simple. You don’t require a doctor’s appointment months in advance. All you need to do is visit a local pharmacist at one of our Adapt Home Health Care store locations and a member of our team will be happy to administer the vaccination to you.

    Other Ways to Prevent the Flu

    Beyond getting the flu shot, we also recommend taking note of these simple preventative tips:

    • Use hand sanitizer
    • Wash your hands frequently using soap and water
    • Try to limit physical contact with others
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible

    Your Health is Our Concern

    We care about you and your well-being! If you are looking to get your flu shot this season, be sure to visit an Adapt Home Health Care store near you!

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