More About Rollators and The NeXus 3

Are you or a loved one struggling with mobility? You are not alone! With age, many people find the need to look for medical equipment that will help them in their day to day lives. Whether it is injury-related, age-related, or surgery-related, Rollators can help transform the lives of many different people.

What Does A Rollator Do?

A Rollator is a piece of medical equipment that gives the user assistance when walking. Rollators are similar to Walkers but they have wheels and brakes. This means that the user doesn’t have to lift them up to move forward, they just have to push. These wheels also swivel which makes it easier for the user to maneuver corners and over different terrains.

Do I Need A Rollator?

The first step in choosing a Rollator is to know exactly why you are looking to purchase a Rollator in the first place. There are many different reasons why someone may benefit from using a rollator, including:

  • Loss of Balance
  • Fear of Falling
  • Recovery from Surgery
  • Injury
  • Breathing/Heart Issues
  • Trouble Walking

The Benefits of Using A Rollator

There are several different benefits associated with using a Rollator. Some of the benefits include exercise, safety, and independence! Keep reading to learn more about these benefits.


If you need a Rollator to be mobile, then when you get one you will be able to get more exercise! It may not seem like much, but being able to go for a walk or a trip to the mall can really change your life. Without it, you may be stuck laying in bed or sitting on the couch every day. Being able to move around freely will improve your mood and your overall physical health!


By using a Rollator, you can help lessen the risk of a slip or fall! Rollators allow the user to push on them which gives them the support of all for wheels. The user also has the ability to sit on the rollator if they get tired while they are moving around. Less risk of falls means less risk of sprains, broken bones, or other incidences!


If you are unable to move around without assistance you will lose a great deal of your independence. By purchasing a Rollator, you will gain back the independence that you have lost and will be able to move around without asking for assistance with every daily task!

If you’re looking for a rollator for yourself or a loved one, The NeXus 3 rollator may be the perfect fit. Keep reading to learn more about this rollator!

The NeXus 3 Rollator

Rollators have changed a lot since they were first introduced. Early Rollators were designed with square frames which made them difficult to swivel and fold. This made transporting Rollators a very difficult and sometimes impossible task. The NeXus 3 Rollator is designed with an “X” frame. This means that it can fold from side to side, allowing it to stand up independently when it is folded. This means that The NeXus 3 can be easily stored in a closet and placed in the back seat or the trunk of a car!

Features and Benefits

There are many different features and benefits that come with The NeXus 3 Rollator. Keep reading to learn more!

Cable-Free Braking System

The NeXus 3 is the only “true” cable-free braking system on the market. This means that there are no cables on the unit that can get caught on items around the home. This cable-free braking system increases safety for the user and allows for the unit to require less maintenance.

Next-Generation Seating

If you’re going to be sitting on something for long periods of time, you want it to be comfortable. That’s why The NeXus 3 is designed with unique pressure-mapped material on the seat. This allows the user’s weight to be properly distributed resulting in no pain points.

Two-Position Seating

The NeXus 3 Rollator allows you to flip the backstrap and allow for two-position seating. You can also turn the backstrap towards the user in order to serve as a guide for proper walking technique.

Partially Fold While Walking

The cross-folding design of The NeXus 3 enables the user to partially fold the Rollator while still using it. This allows the user to pass through narrow spaces with the rollator, without compromising the frame’s stability.


The NeXus 3 Rollator has plenty of accessories available to make your daily life even simpler.

Accessory Kit

The NeXus 3 has an accessory kit to help you transform your Rollator! This kit comes with a soft bag, a zippered cover, an extra padded backstrap, and new handles! This kit is available in three striking colours (blue, purple, tartan) to allow you to show off your personality.

The NeXus 3 also comes with many other accessories including trays, cane holders, baskets, cup holders, and more. If you’re interested in learning about all of the accessories available for The NeXus 3 Rollator, visit ADAPT today!

Seat Height Options

The NeXus 3 Rollator is available in three different seat height options in order to accommodate different users and ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable. Here is some information about the differences between these three options:

Super Low Seat Height

Handle Height: 78cm – 85cm / 30.5” – 33.5”
Seat Height: 47 cm / 18.5”
Length: 66 cm / 26”
Weight: 6.8 kg /15 lbs

Low Seat Height

Handle Height: 78cm – 93cm / 30.5” – 36.5”
Seat Height: 53 cm / 21”
Length: 68.6 cm / 27”
Weight: 6.8 kg /15 lbs

Standard Seat Height

Handle Height: 83cm – 100cm / 32.5” – 39.5”
Seat Height: 61 cm / 24”
Length: 70 cm / 27.5”
Weight: 7.3 kg /16 lbs

ADAPT Home Health Care

If you’re looking for a rollator for yourself or a loved one, The NeXus 3 rollator is a great choice. If you’re looking for something different, visit one of our three stores in the Greater Toronto Area today! Our team will listen to your needs and find the perfect rollator for your unique needs and lifestyle. You can also learn more about Rollators and ADAPT Home Health Care on our website!

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