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  • Bathroom Safety 101

    The bathroom is a room in the house that we use multiple times a day. This room may seem harmless, but it can actually be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. This is especially true for our aging loved ones. From wet floors to slippery tubs, there are many hazards that we don’t often think about. That’s why at ADAPT Home Health Care, we have a complete line of bathroom safety products to make the bathroom a safer place! This means more independence for your aging loved one! This blog will teach you more about each bathroom safety product and what it can do for your aging loved one.

    Our Bathroom Safety Products

    At ADAPT Home Health Care we have a wide variety of bathroom safety products to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe in the bathroom.

    Raised Toilet Seats

    Toilet seats can be very low. This can make getting onto and off of them a challenge when we get older. Raised Toilet Seats decrease the distance that you have to travel to sit or to stand from a seated position. These Raised Toilet Seats are available in a variety of heights from 2 inches to 6 inches in height! The amount of height required depends on the individual’s needs. Our team will be able to help you choose the perfect height.

    Toilet Safety Frame

    As mentioned above, standing up from the toilet can be a challenging task. Sometimes people need to use their upper body strength to help them get up. At ADAPT Home Health Care we offer Toilet Safety Frames that will help! We have options that sit on the floor as well as options that attach to the toilet itself.

    Grab Bars

    Stability and balance are things that can become less sharp as we age. The bathroom is filled with items that require us to sit, stand, and balance on slippery surfaces. Grab Bars are a great addition to a bathroom for added safety. These grab bars can be used as stability when getting into and out of the bathtub, when sitting and standing from the toilet, and as stability in the shower.

    Bath Chair

    Standing in the shower can be difficult for aging loved ones. It requires a great deal of balance to stand on a slippery surface! If you want to give your aging loved one back their independence in the shower/bath, get them a Bath Chair! A Bath Chair will allow them to take a shower or bath without fear that they may get tired, weak, and fall.

    Transfer Bench

    Getting in and out of a bath or shower can be difficult for anyone! Not only is the floor wet and slippery, but you have to stand on one leg to do it. Some people don’t like to rely on Grab Bars to ensure they will not fall. A Transfer Bench will make the process much easier and give your aging loved one independence!

    Bath Steps

    Another great addition to a bathroom for safety is Bath Steps! It can be extremely difficult to get in and out of a bathtub! With Bath Steps your aging loved one will be able to easily walk into and out of the tub without being forced to stand on one foot. This means less chance of them losing balance and falling.

    Bath Mats

    There are less complicated options to help improve bathroom safety for everyone in your home. We have several different Bath Mats and non-slip strips that you can place in your tub or shower. These will give the user more traction and prevent slips and falls!


    Are you or a loved one recovering from surgery, in a wheelchair, or are just too weak to make it to the bathroom? This trip to the bathroom may seem close and simple, but it can be very dangerous if you happen to fall. At ADAPT Home Health Care we offer Commodes. These portable toilet chairs do not use running water. This means that they can be easily moved anywhere that they need to be!

    Bath Lifts

    Is your loved one having a hard time getting into and out of the bathtub? Bath Lifts are a great way to solve the issue! These units are power operated and help you transport the patient into and out of the bathtub. These machines make it much easier for the caregivers and for the patient as well. Some Bath Lifts can even be controlled by the patient themselves with the push of a button!

    The Benefits of Bathroom Safety Products

    There are many different benefits to installing bathroom safety products in your aging loved one’s home. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits!

    Lower Risk of Falls and Injuries

    A major benefit to installing bathroom safety products in your aging loved one’s bathroom is that there will be a lower risk of falls and injuries. The bathroom is filled with heavy objects, hard surfaces, and is often wet. This, combined with the amount of mobility required to navigate the space can lead to dangerous slips and falls. Bathroom safety products will give your loved one something to rely on!

    Improved Mobility and Motion

    When you install bathroom safety products in your aging loved one’s bathroom you are helping to improve their mobility and motion within their bathroom. The installation of bathroom safety products can mean the difference between your aging loved one being able to get out of the tub or shower after they are finished or being stuck in there!

    Safety and Independence

    One of the greatest parts of installing bathroom safety products is that you are increasing the safety and independence of your aging loved one. Sometimes the hardest part of getting older and losing mobility is the loss of independence that you face. Installing bathroom safety products can change your aging loved one’s daily life!

    The ADAPT Home Health Care Difference

    When you choose to work with ADAPT Home Health Care for your home health care needs, you’re choosing to work with a team of experts who care. Our Medical Equipment Specialists are always happy to assist our customers in finding the perfect home health care product for their specific needs. Call us or visit us at one of our three locations across the GTA to learn more!

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