Cocoon Luxury Lift Chair


Are you looking for the perfect addition to your home for your loved one that is comfortable, stylish, and easy to use? Well, you’re in luck! We would like to introduce you to the Cocoon Luxury Lift Chair. The Cocoon Luxury Lift Chair consists of the ultimate recline technology for multiple lift and recline positions.

At Adapt, our lift chairs are designed to ensure optimal comfort positions that promote health, wellness, and relaxation.

The Design

The Cocoon is also very stylish and versatile and is sure to enhance the look of any room. The Cocoon Luxury Lift Chair is made from polyurethane coating, meaning that it is completely waterproof, can be easily cleaned, and does not require additional protective covering! The rear landing legs also offer additional stability and support. In addition, this lift chair comes with a controller consisting of two large buttons, making it easy for anyone to use. The first button reclines the backrest and raises the footrest, while the other button enables one to either lift the chair into a standing position or lower the chair into a seated position. The main benefit of the Cocoon Luxury Lift Chair is that it allows you to stand up from a lying down position without extra assistance, and gives you the feeling of increased independence and comfort.

Another great feature is the swinging armrest – ideal for those in wheelchairs. Simply lift the armrest and slide yourself into the chair without any interference. The Cocoon Luxury Lift Chair also contains anti-pressure points that help with posture to ensure a more relaxed sitting position, especially for extra sensitive areas of the body.

Get Yours Today

At Adapt, your health is our concern. That’s why we only offer the best products for our customers. If you’re thinking about purchasing a lift chair for you or your loved one, stop by one of our 3 locations across the GTA today! You can also visit our website to learn more about our lift chairs or to inquire about your purchasing options. If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns do not hesitate to contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to assist you!

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