6 Products to Improve your Bathroom Safety

shutterstock_665922526Adapt Home Health Care takes your safety seriously in every room of the house! You may be protected when walking around your home, but don’t underestimate the precautions you should take to make the bathroom a safe place for you and your loved ones. Here are some of the bathroom safety products Adapt Home Health Care offers to ensure the highest level of safety in your bathroom.

Raised Toilet Seat with Lid

This product is specifically designed for people who have trouble sitting down and getting up from the toilet seat. With its easy installation, lifetime limited warranty, and adjustable secure grip, you can’t go wrong with purchasing an Aquasense Raised Toilet Seat for added safety in your home. The best feature of this product is that you can put the toilet seat a few inches higher for added ease!

Bath Seat with or without Back

Never fear your shower again with the adjustable Aquasense Bath Seat. It comes with drainage holes and slip resistant rubber tips to ensure a safe and comfortable shower. Not particularly fond of the traditional white colour? Not a problem! You can choose between three other colours including waterfall, sunlight, and pebble!

Bath Safety Rail

Adapt Home Health Care believes in three things: security, stability, and comfort. The Aquasense Bath Safety Rail promises just that with its strong, reliable support and four different height settings. An added bonus is that this bath safety rail comes with 5 years of limited warranty. Neat!

Shower Spray

The Aquasense Shower Spray compliments the bath seat as they work together to ensure maximum safety. It also features a longer and sturdier hose that can be beneficial when sitting. If a home health care provider helps you bathe, they will love using this shower spray because of its simplicity and ease. It also has a handy on and off switch that maintains the water temperature!

Grab Bars

Grab bars work to create extra security, mostly around areas that tend to be slippery. The Aquasense Grab Bars, available at Adapt Home Health Care, are the perfect product to introduce into your bathroom to ensure safety for yourself and others. These grab bars come equipped with non-slip technology and are extremely easy to install.

Bath Mat with Temperature Indicator

Investing in this bath mat is beneficial for the whole family! With its innovative design, the Aquasense Bath Mat specifies whether the water is too hot or too cold. It also secures itself to the bathtub so there is no chance of anyone slipping and having an accident!

Are you interested in purchasing any of these products to make your bathroom safe? VisitAdapt Home Health Care today!


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