The Importance of Patient Lifts

Safety is incredibly important when dealing with an immobile patient. Simple tasks such as getting out of bed can quickly become a struggle. Not only does the patient feel the effects of this struggle, but the caregiver feels it too. There is, however, a solution to the problems associated with immobility. A powered patient lift is a machine that works to lift a patient from their bed. These lifts can assist patients in maneuvering around without any strain or stress. These lifts also allow caregivers to have a much easier time helping their patients with this simple-to-use machine.

Invacare Reliant 450 Battery – Powered Lift

The Invacare Reliant 450 Battery Powered lift comes with an easy-to-use sling that helps move the patient easily from point A to point B. It works to assist immobile patients with leaving their bed to use the bathroom, another room in the house, or anywhere else that they would like to go. This patient lift will lift and carry a patient, up to 450 lbs, with ease. This makes transitioning from bed easier and safer which reduces the chance of injury. It comes with a manual lowering safety feature in case of a power loss. The Invacare Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift also comes with a padded swivel bar and 360-degree rotation for comfort and convenience. If the battery is running low, the system will send out an alarm signal. Finally, a second battery charger is included for optimal ease and replacement, with every charge holding between 150-300 lifts.

How It Works

All you do is position the patient on the material base and connect the sides to the arm and bar of the lift. Then, once it is ensured that the patient is securely fastened, with the push of a button, the machine will rotate the bar and with it your patient. Once the patient has safely cleared the bed space, the machine can be slowly lowered so that the patient can be either assisted in standing or placed in a wheelchair.


The powered lift stands at a height of 24”-74” with a base dimension of:

  • 4.5” Under-bed Clearance, 41” W open, 26.5” W Closed, 48” L
  • Casters: 3” Front, 5” Rear – Locking
  • Emergency Controls: Stop and Down
  • Floor to Leg Clearance: 3”
  • Batteries will last around 6 hours. The weight of the powered lift is 106 lbs.

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