Preparing Your Home for the Holidays


Are you hosting a holiday party this holiday season for your loved ones? It is important to ensure that your home is safe for family members of all ages, including your aging loved ones. We’ve developed a list of steps that you can take and home health care items that you can purchase to prepare your home for the holidays!

Declutter the Area

It is important to declutter the area that your family will be travelling through and in. The more items that you have in the space the more chance that there is for someone to bump into something or trip and fall. Clearing an area can be a simple and easy way to keep your loved ones safe this holiday season!

Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms can be a dangerous place for anyone. That is why it is important to ensure that it is a safe space. There are several different bathroom safety products that can transform your bathroom. There are many different items that you can install or place in your bathroom to ensure that your guests are safe during their visit to your house over the holiday season.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are an add-on that you can place in your shower to provide extra support to the user. These bars are available in a suction cup form that are easy to install and remove after they are no longer needed. They are also available in multiple sizes and in a steel or white powder coat that can be permanently installed with services available upon request.

Shower Head Extensions

Shower Head Extensions make showering much easier for those with mobility issues. If you have a shower chair in the shower, this extension on the shower head will allow the individual bathing to point the water where they would like it without having to adjust the chair or the pressure of the water.

Tub Mats

Tub Mats are a simple addition to any bathtub. These mats stick to the slippery bottom of the tub and prevent all users from stepping into the tub and falling. The surface is smooth on the feet but also provides the support that is needed to ensure safety!

Tub Rails

Looking for something a little more helpful than a tub mat? Tub Rails are a great addition to your bathroom to ensure user safety. These rails allow for the person using the bathtub to easily get in and out of the tub without slipping and falling.

Versaframes (Toilet Safety Frames)

Versaframes, also known as Toilet Safety Frames, are a great way to provide your guests with added safety and comfort in your bathroom. These devices are secured to the toilet and add rails and hand grips to the side of the toilet so that the individual can ease themselves into a sitting position and assist themselves when standing back up. The added arm support can really help with sitting and standing issues!

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised Toilet Seats are a simple but appreciated addition to a bathroom. Most standard toilet seats are low which can be a pain for those who have a hard time sitting and standing. The added height of the seat can greatly improve the users experience.

Bath Seats

Bath Seats are a simple and cost effective solution for those with mobility issues. Standing in a shower or climbing in and out of a bathtub can be quite the challenge for some people. A bath seat allows the user to comfortably and safely sit in the shower so that they can rest and enjoy.

Bath Lifts

If your aging loved one visits often and suffers from mobility issues, a bath lift may be a smart purchase. Bath lifts assist individuals in getting in and out of the tub, preventing them from encountering any safety issues while bathing.

Long Term Stays

If your family is planning to stay for an extended period of time, it may be a good idea to add some larger mobility aids into your home. This will help put your mind at ease and make your aging loved one feel more at home while they are staying with you!

Lift Chairs

A lift chair is a type of chair that has a remote control on it. This remote can be used to lift the chair to standing position which allows the user to sit and stand with ease. This remote also controls the reclining feature on the chair to provide added comfort for the user.

Hospital Beds

If your family is staying for a long period of time and suffers from mobility issues a hospital bed may be a worthwhile purchase. Hospital beds make it easy for the individual to get in and out of the bed as well as lift the head and feet of the bed to provide extra comfort.

Transport Chairs

Transport chairs are a type of wheelchair that can allow your loved one to move around your home with ease. These chairs are easily stored and folded so that they can be stored or they can be put in the trunk of a car. This means that you can bring your aging loved one to the store with you to shop for the main family dinner course!

The ADAPT Home Health Care Difference

If you’re looking to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe this holiday season and in daily life, visit the experts at ADAPT Home Health Care. Our team of experts will help assist you and determine which items and steps are right for you and your loved ones! Call us or visit us today to start preparing for the holiday season.

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