How to Keep Busy and Active at 70


Staying active at an older age can be challenging. Fitness experts recommend a minimum of 25 minutes of daily physical activity for seniors. It is suggested that you choose a different activity every day to keep your mind and body healthy. Here are some activities to keep you busy and help you stay active in your senior years!


The simplest form of exercise is walking. Whether it is on a treadmill or around the block, walking helps promote good heart health and increases your circulation. Try inviting a friend, neighbor, partner, children, or even your grandchildren, to join you for a walk around the park! It is a great way to stay healthy, happy, and to experience the beauty of nature!

Simple Chair Exercises

Depending on your level of comfort, there are specific exercises you can complete while sitting down instead of standing. Here are chair exercises to try:
Row your boat: Sit with your feet parallel on the ground. Stretch your arms then bend them in a rowing motion. If possible, you can use a light weight in each hand.
Knee Lifts: Sit with your feet parallel and your back straight. One leg at a time, lift your leg upwards and try to keep it up for 5 or 10 seconds, then lower it. Repeat this for the other leg.
Hands to the Sky: For a good stretch, sit with your legs firmly on the ground with a straight posture. Reach your arms above your head, as if you’re trying to catch something. Then slowly bring your arms down and lift them up again to feel the stretch in your back.
Tap Dance: While sitting, extend one leg with your toe lightly touching the ground. Point your toes then tap them. Flex and tap. Continuous this a few times then switch to your other leg.
Fitness Class: Another great way to exercise is to join senior classes at your local recreational/fitness centre. There, you can swim, learn yoga, or simply go to the gym!
Sports: Under the exercise category, there are also senior sports such as volleyball, shuffleboard, soccer, and many more. Many seniors enjoy keeping themselves active and love playing sports. Contact your local community centre to inquire about the available classes being offered.

Dance Classes

Show off your best moves by joining a dance class. Whether you have a partner or not, try Ballroom lessons! If exercising the old-fashioned way does not work for you, dancing is the next best thing to keep your body moving and grooving. Not only is dancing is fun, it allows you to socialize with others and have a great time.

Puzzles and Crosswords

Not only is your physical health important, so is your mental health. To keep your brain active, try new puzzles and crosswords. Puzzles that work the brain the most are Sudoku, Checkers, and Chess. Even online brain training programs like Lumosity and Brain Arena help stimulate different lobes of the brain to optimize and enhance your skills. Increase your memory, retention, and overall cognitive control with puzzles and crosswords!


Have you always dreamed of visiting exotic places? A museum in Europe or mountainous areas in Asia? There are endless possibilities. Now that you have the time and money saved, why not go on that long-awaited trip and explore the world? Enjoy your experience but also learn more about the world around you. If you are retired, you can put your full attention and focus on making the most of your vacation moments!

Join an Organization

Lots of seniors join groups or clubs to keep busy on certain days of the week. This is a great way to get out of the house and meet new people and become a part of something. Popular organizations, like charities, are often seeking volunteers and administrative help. This is a great way to get out and get involved with your community!


A popular sport amongst seniors is golf. Taking up golf is great for many reasons, including:
– Walking the course is great exercise.
– Socializing with new and old friends
– Enjoying the weather
– Activating your brain
Golf is perfect for everyone and it’s inclusive, simple, and fun!


If you own a home with green space, take up gardening! This is a great activity to get you moving and enjoying the weather, especially in the Spring season. Look through magazines to get landscaping ideas and visit your local flower shop to decorate your garden with colourful flora. Another great aspect of gardening is growing your own vegetables! Try growing cucumbers, peppers, carrots, and incorporating them into your meals.

Social Media

All your kids and grandkids are using Social Media, so, why wouldn’t you? Learn how to use Facebook to keep in contact with relatives and friends. You can even play games with them. Always be in the know and enjoy pictures and videos of family. Being connected to and catching up with everyone will keep you busy for quite some time. Just remember to keep a safe distance from any screen (phone, computer, tablet) and do not use it for too long as it may cause headaches and/or hurt your eyes.


Were you an engineer? A pilot? A chef? No matter what your career was, you can now teach others the skills and techniques that they need for the job! Teaching is a great way to keep your brain active and for you to continuously work in a comfortable, classroom environment. Plus, your knowledge, expertise, and years of experience will be beneficial to the students!


Although we only listed a small variety of activities to keep you busy, there are many others out there. We encourage you to explore your community and also ask friends and family for ideas and groups to join. There is always room and activities for seniors no matter where you go! Visit our website for more information about senior living!

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