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  • How to Gain Back the Mobility You’ve Lost

    Mobility is an important part of everyday life. From grocery shopping to commuting to work, there are many everyday things that are much easier to accomplish when you are able to be mobile. This blog will help educate you on the many different ways that you can use home health care products to help gain back the mobility that you’ve lost.



    What is a Rollator?

    A rollator, like a walker, has four legs that help keep the user upright. A rollator however, unlike a walker, has four wheels and brakes. These wheels also swivel which allows the user to change directions with ease. This means that the user is not required to lift the product into the air and move it forward in order to advance. This means less work, but it also means that the device is only meant for those who need minimal support in order to walk. Rollators should not be used to support body weight because this can cause the unit to quickly move forward and result in the user falling. Another bonus of purchasing a rollator is all of the accessories that you can purchase. From padded seats to shopping baskets, there are plenty of options to customize a rollator and ensure that it is the right home health care product for you!

    There are also other rollators that only have three wheels (three-wheeled rollator). These rollators have 2 wheels in the back and one in the front. This gives the rollator a better turning radius which makes them ideal for tight spaces like condominiums or apartments.

    Did You Know: Rollators are also called rolling walkers, wheeled walkers, and medical rolling walkers

    What is the benefit of using a rollator?

    There are many benefits to using a rollator. Rollators, although not ideal for those who require a great deal of support, are very beneficial to those who need to stop and take a break often. This is because rollators, unlike walkers, have a seat and a crossbar for the individual to sit on and rest. Another bonus of rollators, as mentioned above, are all the accessories that you can purchase!

    If you’re interested in purchasing a rollator, contact the team at ADAPT Home Health Care today!



    What is a wheelchair?

    A wheelchair is a home health care device that allows the user to sit and be mobile. This chair with wheels four wheels allows the user to be comfortable and control where they go and how fast they get there. The front wheels are small and nimble, while the back wheels are large and sit on either side of the seat. These devices also come with footrests so that the user’s feet do not drag on the floor. Wheelchairs are available in different styles, including variations that are manually propelled by the user’s arms or others that include automated or motorized components. Often other individuals will push the individual in the wheelchair to allow them to rest their arms. It’s important to remember that an individual requiring a wheelchair must have sufficient upper body strength to maneuver themselves.  Wheelchairs are used by individuals who struggle greatly or cannot walk at all.

    What is the benefit of using a wheelchair?

    There are many different benefits of using a wheelchair. Wheelchairs are one of the most commonly used assistive devices because they allow those who struggle to walk or cannot walk at all to gain the mobility that they need to gain independence and improve their quality of life. Wheelchairs also help those with mobility issues avoid pressure sores, improve their respiration, and helps with their digestion due to activity!

    If you’re interested in purchasing a wheelchair, contact the team at ADAPT Home Health Care today!

    Transport Chairs


    What is a transport chair?

    A transport chair is similar to a wheelchair but has specific differences. Transport chairs are lightweight and portable but have the same abilities of a wheelchair which makes them a sort of rollator and wheelchair hybrid. Unlike wheelchairs, they are designed to be pushed by another individual behind the unit and they have less cushion and thinner material. This is because the wheels are much smaller than the wheels on a wheelchair which makes it difficult for the user to propel themselves.  Transport chairs are designed to be used for a short period of time such as a trip to the doctors or a day trip outside of the house.

    What is the benefit of using a transport chair?

    There are many benefits to using a transport chair. Transport chairs allow individuals to gain the mobility they have been stripped of, without the commitment of purchasing a wheelchair. These home health care products are also constructed with lightweight materials which makes them easy to fold and store!

    If you’re interested in purchasing a transport chair, contact the team at ADAPT Home Health Care today!



    What is a walker?

    A walker is a mobility device that has four legs and handles that allow the user to pick up the unit and place it in front of them. Once the unit has been placed down, the user can step forward and then repeat the above steps. The legs on a walker are designed to have contact with the ground at all times. Unlike rollators, walkers do not have wheels which makes them more difficult to move but allow the user to lean their weight into them and rely on them for stability.

    What is the benefit of using a walker?

    There are several benefits of using a walker. Walkers allow the user to apply weight to the unit and trust that they have the stability that they lack in their daily lives. The lack of wheels allows those with balance issues, weakness while standing, or even those who just need support when they walk to gain back the mobility that they have lost. Walkers also have different available accessories such as items that can be attached to allow the unit to be able to slide forward.

    If you’re interested in purchasing a walker, contact the team at ADAPT Home Health Care today!

    The ADAPT Home Health Care Difference

    At ADAPT Home Health Care, we work with you to ensure that you receive the best care and the proper home health care products to help you. Our team is filled with experts who can help find you the item you need to improve your life. Call us or visit us at one of our three locations across the Greater Toronto Area! We’re ready to help!

    ADAPT Home Health Care offers many different home health care products and services including:

    • Complimentary in-home assessments
    • Bracing and daily living aids
    • Ostomy supplies
    • Medical compression therapy
    • Short-term and long-term rentals on many of our products including but not limited to wheelchairs, walkers, bathroom aids, crutches, nebulizers, Raised Toilet Seats, Tub Transfer Bench and Shower Chairs
    • Delivery service available
    • Government funding for mobility aids
    • ADP (Assistive Device Program) Approved for Mobility Aid Products
    • ADP Approved for Lymphedema and Pressure Modification Devices


    If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to help you improve your life, contact ADAPT Home Health Care today and experience the difference that knowledge and passion can make!


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