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  • How to Choose a Rollator

    nexus 3 rollator

    Are you on the market for a rollator? Whether you are looking to purchase one for yourself or a loved one, at Adapt Home Health Care, we are here to help! We care about your health, safety, and comfort, that’s why we’re here to assist you on your journey to increased mobility. We offer a variety of mobility aids, including rollators which help you get from point A to B with ease. Keep reading to learn more about rollators and how to choose the right one!

    What is a Rollator and Why Might I Need One?

    A rollator is a type mobility aid that allows the individuals who use them to walk with a great degree of independence. Rollators are designed for maximum comfort and have a metal frame, large wheels, a handlebar, and a seat. Whereas walkers typically do not have wheels or a seat, rollators have both. These two differentiating features come in handy, especially if your condition causes you to take many breaks and requires you to rest often. You may consider getting yourself a rollator if you have limited mobility issues.They are also an ideal walking aid for those who have lost strength in their legs and for those who suffer from long-term disability.


    What to Consider When Choosing a Rollator

    There are a variety of rollators to choose from depending on your personal preference. From adjustable heights to small storage spaces, each rollator contains a combination of different features. In fact, with so many options, the choice may be quite overwhelming! Don’t fret, we’ve come up with a list of things to consider when purchasing your first rollator.


    How Many Wheels?

    Wheels are very important to consider when purchasing a rollator. Rollators typically come with 3 wheels or 4 wheels. While 3 wheeled rollators are easier to maneuver, 4 wheeled rollators often offer more stability. If you feel that you need need more support when it comes to walking long-distances or for long periods of time, a rollator with 4 wheels may be a better option for you.


    Depending on your living situation and how often you travel, storage and portability are important things to think about when it comes to shopping around for rollators. If you travel a lot, you may want to look at a rollator that folds up and is easier to transport. Also if you live in a smaller home or apartment space, a foldable mobility aid makes it easier to store and put away when it is not in use.

    Where Will You Be Using it?

    If you plan on mainly using your rollator indoors, we suggest choosing a rollator with smaller wheels. Smaller wheels allow for maneuvering in hallways and indoor space with greater ease. If you plan on using your rollator a lot outdoors, think about considering a rollator with bigger wheels, perhaps 6” in diameter or bigger. With larger wheels, you’ll be able to handle rough terrain and uneven surfaces with less difficulty. These wheels also have a dual purpose and allow you to maneuver over rough surfaces without the worry of ruining your indoor flooring as well. Moreover, it is also important that you measure your doorways and hallways in your home beforehand to ensure that you choose a rollator that will fit through them!

    Type of Rollator

    It is vital to find a rollator that matches your height and your weight. You’ll want to choose a rollator that will be suitable to your height and one that can support your current weight. Be sure to inquire about the listed weight capacity and measure the width of the seat to make sure you can sit comfortably. Lastly, you should consider the distance from where you will be sitting to the handle bars. You want to find a rollator that allows you to easily access the handlebar and enables you to easily grip onto the breaks. You may find more comfort talking to one of our experienced associates at our Adapt Home Health Care Mississauga and Adapt Home Health Care Brampton locations. Our staff will gladly answer any questions you may have and be able to help you find a proper rollator that meets your exact needs.

    Comfort Level

    You’ll want to find a rollator that provides you with maximum comfort. Rollators with the option of padded seats and back supports are perfect for those who highly value comfort. Some also offer baskets and storage space to store your belongings so that you don’t have to carry them while using your mobility aid.

    Ease of Use and Safety Level

    If you are shopping around for rollators for a loved one, safety and ease of use is high on your priority list when it comes to purchasing a rollator. You want to be able to trust the rollator you are buying to be easy to maneuver and safe to use, especially for times when you are not around. Rollators come with a variety of safety features. For instance, if you prefer rollators with 4 wheels and a seat, these rollators typically come with handle grips and breaks to ensure you or your loved one is safe and secure when getting up from the seated position. Depending on the rollator you choose, be sure to inquire about the added safety features and overall design.


    Nexus 3 Rollator Walker

    When it comes to rollators, the Nexus 3 Rollator Walker is one of our best sellers. The Nexus 3 is a high quality, lightweight rollator that contains an “X” frame, is easy to fold when not in use, requires very minimal space when stored, and is extremely user friendly. It also contains a padded seat and backstrap that can flip to allow for two-position seating. It’s wheels allow for smooth rolling and it’s sturdy frame contains cable-free breaks as an added safety feature! There’s no surprise that this is one of our best sellers!


    Next Steps

    When choosing a rollator, you want one that is designed to last and helps to make life easier! If you are in the market for a new rollator, be sure to visit one of our Adapt Home Health Care stores. One of our experts will be able to guide you through your options and find a rollator that specifically meets your needs and your lifestyle.

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