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  • Bathroom Safety: How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

    We all get older. With age, comes more wisdom, but also more situations that can quickly become more dangerous than before. Slips are falls are a common occurrence, especially in the bathroom. The bathroom is filled with hard items and slippery surfaces that can quickly lead to disaster. This blog will look at a variety of tips and several bathroom safety products that can help you increase stability, balance, and regain your independence.

    Raised Toilet Seats

    Are you or a loved one having difficulties sitting or getting up from a seated position? This can be troublesome in the bathroom. That’s why we offer our clients raised toilet seats! These seats come in a variety of designs, including a 2 inch and 6 inch variation, but they all serve the same purpose, to decrease the distance that someone has to travel to sit on the seat or stand up from the seat. Whether you have balance issues, bad hips or knees, or just had surgery, adding a raised toilet seat to your bathroom will save you a lot of time, increase your independence, and keep you safe!

    Grab Bars

    Having something to hold on to provides the user with additional stability. At ADAPT Home Health Care we carry a variety of grab bars that can be used in the bathtub, by the toilet seat, or anywhere else that you require additional stability. These grab bars allow the user to use their upper body strength to help themselves get on and off the toilet, in and out of the bathtub, and so much more. These grab bars also aren’t limited to use in the bathroom. You can install them anywhere in the home that is needed! Visit one of our locations today to talk to one of our trained professionals about which grab bar is right for you.

    Bath Chair

    Looking for some extra stability in the shower? Do you find that you are getting tired at a faster rate? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, a Bath Chair may be the right product for you! Bath chairs allow for less chances of falls and slips in the tub or shower. Not only are you able to sit while you shower, the legs of the bath chair are slip resistant! This will ensure there’s less chance for disaster to strike.

    Transfer Bench

    Do you have difficulty balancing on one foot? Do you struggle to lift your leg over the side of the bathtub? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then a Transfer Bench may be the perfect addition to your bathroom. Transfer benches help transfer individuals from outside of the bathtub to inside the bathtub. This means that individuals who cannot step over the side of the bathtub by themselves will regain that sense of independence! The team at ADAPT Home Health Care suggests that you pair a transfer bench with a bath chair to increase of the level of safety in your bathroom even more!

    Bath Steps

    Do you struggle with your balance? Is it difficult to get into the bathtub? Then bath steps may be the perfect addition to your bathroom. These stools allow the user to easily walk into the tub and out of the tub, all without losing balance! They steps are made of medical grade material which means that they can handle the elements and remain durable!

    Toilet Safety Frame

    Do you struggle to sit down from a standing position? Is it difficult to stand up from a sitting position? Although many people don’t often think about it, the toilet is also a dangerous component of the bathroom. That’s why at ADAPT Home Health Care we carry toilet safety frames! These frames help patients sit down and stand up from the toilet with ease. There are different variations of these frames. Some stand on the ground and others are attached to the toilet frame itself. Visit one of our three locations in the Greater Toronto Area today to find out which toilet safety frame is right for you!

    Bath Mats

    Do you have trouble balancing in the tub or shower? Are you concerned you may slip and fall? Then we recommend a bath mat! Using bath mats or other non-slip strips in the tub or shower is a great way to avoid disaster. Plus, they are designed to perform in a wet and slippery environment!


    Did you recently have surgery that leaves you immobile? Do you struggle to walk to the bathroom? There is a solution that can help you gain back some of your independance and keep you safe. At ADAPT Home Health Care, we carry commodes for your home. Commodes are portable toilet chairs that don’t use running water. This means that you can move it around and place it wherever is convenient. Some versions include wheels and others are equipped to be used in the shower! Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by purchasing a commode today!

    Bath Lifts

    Is getting into the bathtub impossible? We have a solution. Bath lifts are power operated machines that help you transport an individual into and out of the bathtub with ease. Plus, both caregivers and patients can operate the bath lift with the push of a button. The controller is easy to access and it allows the user to adjust the light and the flaps! Visit one of our three locations across the Greater Toronto Area to learn more!

    Why Choose ADAPT Home Health Care?

    If you’re looking for bathroom safety products to help keep your loved ones safe, contact that experts at ADAPT Home Health Care today! Our team will work quickly to help you select the perfect home health care product to provide them with safety in the bathroom and you with peace of mind! Our staff is filled with specialists who are well versed in providing all of our customers with superior service. Call us or visit us at one of our three locations across the Greater Toronto Area today!

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