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  • Advantages of Walkers

    As the average age of living increases, people are striving to remain independent and mobile for longer. Through the use of technology and various aids, this dream is now becoming a reality for our aging demographic. Mobility aids such as walkers can help people live a more independent lifestyle while continuing with their daily activities to the best of their ability. Walkers are also useful for temporary purpose for those who have suffered from injuries or during recovery after undergoing various procedures. Similar to many areas, walkers in Brampton and Mississauga are becoming more popular amongst various populations including children to seniors.

    Walkers offer a high level of stability with an appropriate four-leg base providing adequate safety and support. These types of aids are often appropriate for those who are too weak to use crutches or walking canes where safety will be compromised. Walkers in Brampton and Mississauga are available in many different sizes and are adjustable for those of different heights. These devices can also fold easily, making them ideal for transport and travel.

    Walkers in Brampton and Mississauga have two handles, four legs and no wheels and they usually fold in half so they can be easily transported. They are suitable for people who cannot place their full weight on one or both of their legs. This often occurs following a hip replacement or knee surgery. Walkers need to be picked up every two steps and are most ideal for indoor use.

    There are a couple of different styles and types of walkers in Mississauga and Brampton available. One type offers wheels on 2 of its legs, providing an extra level of mobility and ease of comfort when traveling. The other type of walker has no wheels, requiring one to be able to life the walker with each step. Talk to your pharmacist or healthcare provider at ADAPT Home Healthcare to determine which type of walker would be the safest for you or your loved one.

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